Junior College


 XI and XII Science 





  General Course

  Group A

English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Marathi / Hindi / Sanskrit, Physical Education.

  Bifocal / Vocational  Course

Group B


Group C

English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics / Computer Science / Electrical Maintenance, Physical Education.
English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Fresh – Water Fish Culture, Physical Education.
  Home Science

  Group D

English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics + Home Science / Biology + Home Science, Marathi / Hindi / Sanskrit, Physical Education.

N.B.: Project in Environmental Science and Physical Education are compulsory.

H.Sc. VOCATIONAL COURSES (MCVC) : Trades available in our college for Std. XI and XII

i) Electrical  Technology

ii) Electronics Technology

iii)Fisheries  Technology

NOTE: Course is of two years. On passing Std. XII the Board gives Diploma of Technical Competency.


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