success story

Dear all,

Our Maintenance Department is an acclaimed unique feature of our institution and it proved itself yet another time on Saturday 16, 2019 when suddenly there was massive sparking in the DP installed near the old building and the short circuit began to send up sparks on all sides with very scary sounds.
On working days quick response is possible to such emergencies but an immediate response is absolutely remarkable during Diwali vacations. Thanks to the initial quick response and reaction by Shri. Anil Jamthe, Shri. Prashant Chandrayan and Shri. Prabhaar Bawane, the sparking and burning electricity cables were contained. One thing I like most was the use of correct fire extinguisher to stop the flames, thanks to Shri. Suresh Chaudhuri who ensures fire extinguisher training every year on campus.

We found out that one of the major power supply lines of the old building was completely damaged. Suddenly the ongoing R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur Examination appeared in our minds and it did not take us long to understand how chaotic Monday morning could be for all of us.
Our immediate next reaction, as always, was to contact the in-charge of the Maintenance Department Shri. Atul Moghe and also Shri. Shashimohan Joshi, in-charge of Campus Property Management.
In few minutes, all were on the scene and immediately began to plan restoration. Electricity Board was contacted, orders were placed quickly for the material and our college team was in full action. Throughout the Sunday our team along with Shri. Atul Moghe and Shri Joshi worked hard and by evening power supply was restored.
The dread of Monday disappeared and now there were smiles on our faces. Our Examination Department works very hard and we did not want them to face difficulties at the time of downloading the papers and taking printouts in time before the examination starts.
When I narrated the entire episode to our Examination Officials Dr. Manju Deshpande and Dr. Vaishali Meshram they thanked the maintenance department abundantly for extremely efficient handling of the situation
Kudos to our maintenance department team for setting such a high standard of professionalism and working extremely hard for us and keeping Monday Morning enjoyable and stress free for all.
The Principal’s Office

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