Student’s Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC)

The selection of “Student Council” is as per provisions of Section 40(2)(b) of the Maharashtra University Act, 1994. The composition of “Student Council” is as follows: Principal, Senior Teacher, Teacher In-Charge of NCC, NSS programme officer , Director of Sports and Physical Education, one student from each class with academic merit at the examinations held in the preceding year and engaged in fulltime studies in the college (nominated by the Principal), one Student each (nominated by the Principal)showing outstanding performance in Sports, NSS, NCC and Cultural Activity, two female students nominated by the Principal (SC/ST/NT/DT-NT/OBC). The function of the Student Council is to maintain overall discipline on the campus, work as a facilitator between the students and the college and coordinate all the extracurricular activities and annual cultural event of the college.

The Students’ Council organizes Annual Cultural and Sports Week. The details are as follows:

YEAR 2012-13

Swami Vivekanand Cultural and Sports Week:  A Cultural and Sports Week was celebrated from 19 to 24 January, 2013 which was dedicated to the memory of Swami Vivekanand on account of Swamiji’s 150 birth anniversary year. During this week Sports events like Carrom, Chess, Cricket and Football and Cultural Events like Rangoli, Mehandi , Flower arrangement, Salad decoration and Handwriting competitions were arranged . An excerpt from the lecture of Swami Vivekanand was dictated to the students. ‘Rangarang’ a singing and dancing competition was also organized. Swami Vivekanand Art gallery was arranged by the students in which various artistic articles made by the students were displayed.

YEAR 2013-14

Annual Cultural Week, ‘Goonj 2014’: Cultural week was organised from16th to 23rd January, 2014. The cultural activities commenced on 21st January with the Rangoli Competition and Mehendi Competition. An art gallery and fete were arranged by the students of Home Science faculty.

The main attraction of the Goonj was the orchestra, ‘Swaranandwan’ presented by the physically challenged members of Padmabhushan Late Baba Amte’s, ‘Andanwan’, Warora. There were around 100 artists in the orchestra who presented songs, dances and mimicry. A Skit, ‘Swarga dot com’, was presented by the students of the college which was written and directed by Mr. Nikhil Edlabadkar of the college. Dance Competition which was judged by Panditji Shri. Vyas and Mrs. Sujata Ali. Performance by Puneet Kushvaha Gaurang   and their accompanies of Jallosh Band.

Sr. No Name of the Event Names of the first Winners Names of the Runner up
       1. Rangoli Competition NIKITA DESHMUKH












2. Singing competition




3. Dancing competition




Dancing competition




Annual Cultural and Sport week ‘ANTARANG 2014-15’

Sports and Cultural week under the banner of ‘Antarang 2014-15’ was celebrated from 3rd to 4th February, 2015. Competitions like poem Recitation competition, Personality competition, Mehendi Competition, Rangoli Competition, Flower Decoration Competition. Sports events include indoor and outdoor games like Cricket, Carom, Volley Ball, Chess etc. were also organized on 2nd and 3rd February, 2015. On 4th February cultural programmes like Singing, Dancing were organized.

Annual Cultural and Sport week ‘JALLOSH 2015-16’

Students’ Council Sports and Cultural Event “Jallosh 2015-16” from 18th March to 23rd March 2016. The Cultural event was inaugurated on 22nd March 2016 at the hands of Dr.Puranchandra Meshram, Registrar, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Nagpur. The Valedictory Programme of the event was held on 23rd March 2016. Dr.Anil Hirekhan, Finance and Accounts Officer, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur was the Chief Guest and Mrs. Medha Nandedkar, Joint Secretary; Dharampeth Education Society   was the President of the function.

The competitions and the winners of the Cultural Activity are as follows:

Sr. No Name of the Event Names of the first Winners Names of the Runner up
1. Rangoli Competition Mrunal Wagh


Kiran Chauhel
2. Singing competition


Ms.Asawari Dange

(B.Sc. –I)

Mr. Bhushan Khawse


3. Singing competition


Ms.Neha Labhe (BSc –I)and

Ms. Asawari Dange (BSc –I)

4. Dancing competition


Prashant Patil (XI) Prajakta Purani

(B.Sc. –I)



Dancing competition


Mrunal & group PCM group
6. Poster Rakhi Patel(BSc-III) Shweta Kamdi


3 DAYS Inter Collegiate Event: “KALASRUJAN 2015”

An Intercollegiate event “KALASRUJAN 2015-16” from 3rd to 5th Nov, 2015.                                     On 3rd November, 2015.

The details of the competitions are as follows:

Date Name of competition Judges Name Winners Name
3rd Nov Quiz Competition 1st – Miss. Anagha Wankhede  &Mr Roshan Gede

(Hislop College)                                 .

2nd – Mr. Hrishikesh Ghangrekar & Mr. Abhishek   Ambulkar.(Ramdeobaba College of Engineering)

3rd – Mr. Shrirang Sapre & Ashwin Rang.(Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Law)

3rd – Mr.Prasun Shukla & Miss Divya Manihar.(G.S.College of Commerce and Economics)

3rdNov. Best out of waste Contest

Mr.Prathmesh Deshpande


Dr.Mrs. Vijaya Katkar

1st – Mr. Vaibhav Vadichar (Dharampeth                     Polytechnic)

2nd – Miss.  Sneha Padgnan (Dharampeth College.)

3rd – Miss.  Malvika Dharmadhikari(Upper L.A.D)

1st Consolation – Miss.  Rohini Sakharkar (Dharampeth Polytechnic )

4thNov Story Telling Competition

Dr.Mrs.Vandana Nasery


Mrs.Anjali Nagapurkar

1st – Mr.  Nagesh Ingale (Hislop College)

2nd – Miss.  Puja Savlani (Sindhu College)

3rd – Mr.    Parel Fernandis (S.F.S College)

1st Consolation – Mr. Mrunal Wagh (Dharampeth Science.)

4tNov Salad and Flower Decoration Competition

Mrs.Sakshi Bhusari


Mrs.Sushma Saraf

1st – Mr.   Twinju John(S.F.S College)

2nd – Miss Priyanka Malke (G.S College)

3rd – Miss Malvika Dharmadhikari  (Upper    L.A.D College)

1st Consolation – Miss.  Gayatri Pathak  (Dharampeth Science College)

5thNov Cover Page Design Contest

Miss.Aparna Rajvaidya

Dr.Seema Ubale

1st – Miss. Sneha Padghan(DharampethCollege)

2nd – Mr. Suraj Yadav (G.S College)

3rd – Mr. Vinay  Mathure (Dharampeth Science College)

1st   Consolation – Mr.  Mayuri Rodge(Dharampeth Science College)

5thNov Collage Competition

 Mrs.Sarang Mhaske


 Dr.Mrs.Archana Kulkarni

1st – Miss. Pinky Lavani &

Miss.  Shravni Pathak(Sindhu college)

2nd – Miss. Mayuri ,& Miss. Chandrakala

(Dharampeth Science College)

3rd – Miss.  Rupa Singh &,Miss. Akansha Ganar (L.A.D College)

1st Consolation – Miss. Priya Lalvani, &    Miss.  Rashi Bodle(Sindhu College)

 Annual Cultural and Sports Week ‘EXPRESSIONS’ 2016-17’

Students’ Council Cultural Event “Expressions 2016-17” from 18th October to 23rd October 2016. The sports event was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Akhilesh Peshwe, Principal of the college. The competitions and the winners of the Cultural Activity are as follows:

Sr. No Name of the Event Names of the first Winners
1. Rangoli Competition Mrunal Wagh


2. Singing competition


Male: Akshat Hedao(B Sc-III) Female: Shruti Baiwar(B Sc-III)
3. Singing competition


Ms. Mayuri Binniwale(B Sc –III)

Mr. Akshat Hedao(B Sc-III)


4. Dancing competition


Ms.Prajakta Puranik (B Sc –II)


Dancing competition


Mr.Mrunal Wagh


6. Dancing competition


Mr. Mrunal and Group


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